A Bridge Too Far: Canadian Forces – OHIO University Libraries

Box 117

  • Folder 39
    • Combat interviews from War Diary, Hq, Royal Canadian Engineers (photostat, 11p.).
    • Kerry, Col A.J., et.al., THE HISTORY OF THE CORPS OF ROYAL CANADIAN ENGINEERS, v.2 (pp. 316-321, photostat).
    • Stacey, C.P., OFFICIAL HISTORY OF THE CANADIAN ARMY IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR, v.3 (pp.310-323, 700-701, photostat).
    • Letter Chapman to Director of History, Canadian Forces, TL carbon, Aug 18, 1967 (1p.).
    • Letter S.F. Wise to Chapman, TLS, Aug 23, 1967 (2p.).
  • Folder 40
    • Christie, FO Valentine B., Questionnaire (Ts, 4p.).