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MSS # Title and Description of Collection More Info
395 Abbott. Jacob Abbott letter. Single sheet of paper found inserted in a copy of the book A Summer in Scotland by American writer of juvenile literature Jacob Abbott. FARPDF
12 Bernstein. Victor H. Bernstein papers. Documents of his journalism work during and after World War II. The collection includes scrapbooks, photographs, photostats, and general items collected as a foreign correspondent. FARPDF
409 Blunden. Edmund Blunden papers. Correspondence and writings of Edmund Blunden; playbills collected by Blunden; and newspaper clippings. Many of the letters are to Dorothea Hayward Scott, another English author. FARPDF
310 Bromfield. Louis Bromfield correspondence to Edna Wolfe. Three letters from Louis Bromfield to Edna Wolfe of Athens, Ohio. FARPDF
399 Bruun. Geoffrey Bruun letter to Miss Hyslop. Historian and bioographer Geoffrey Bruun accepts an invitation for him and his wife to tea with Miss Hyslop. FARPDF
400 Cable. George Washington Cable letter to Mrs. Hillis. Letter from the American novelist George Washington Cable acknowledging receipt of a magazine story and offering apologies for not having time to read and criticize it. FARPDF
161 Corrington. John William Corrington papers. Contains literary journals with poetry and short writings by John William Corrington. It also contains his correspondence with his editor for his book, The Anatomy of Love, as well as original copies of poems, type proofs and galley proofs ofThe Anatomy of Love. There are also type proofs and reviews for And Wait for the Night. FARPDF
402 Combe. William Combe receipt. Receipt written by William Combe, a propagandist by the Pitt Government from 1788-1806, for payment by Cadwell and Davies. FARPDF
406 Edgeworth. Maria Edgeworth letter to Archdeacon Singleton. Letter written from Edgeworthstown, her father’s estate in Ireland, to Archdeacon Singeton. FARPDF
357 Eliot. George Eliot letter to Courtney Kenny. A letter of November 5, 1882 from Mrs. G. H. Lewes (George Eliot) to Mr. Courtney Kenny of Downing College in Cambridge. FARPDF
358 Fosdick. Harry Emerson Fosdick letter to Mr. Comstock. Harry Emerson Fosdick letter to Mr. Comstock thanking him for the first edition of the book The Scarlet Letter. Clergyman Fosdick states that he considers this book “the greatest American novel.” FAR, PDF 
105 French. Warren G. French Collection. Includes correspondence; drafts and galleys of manuscripts; WGF’s collection of publications, including those by him; scrapbooks; and audio reels. French was a professor of English at Ohio University; In 1985, he received the award of Doctor of Humane Letters from Ohio University. FAR, PDF
360 Galsworthy. John Galsworthy note to Miss Leroy(?). British author John Galsworthy handwritten and signed letter to Miss Leroy (?) is written from Wingstone, Manaton, nr. Moretonhamstead, Devon. FARPDF
1 Gold. Herbert Gold papers. Three typescript versions of “My Last Two Thousand Years,” a typescript of the short story “Death on the East Side,” and four letters span from 1969 to 1972 by Cleveland-born writer Herbert Gold. FAR, PDF
220 Hamilton. Harlan W. Hamilton collection of historical correspondence. Collected historical correspondence from William Combe, Maria Cosway, Louis XIV, King of France, and Samuel Rogers. There is also one letter to Hamilton. FARPDF
364 Hewlett. Maurice Hewlett notes to publisher. Two postcards and one note to his publisher Elkin Mathews. Maurice Hewlett (1861-1923) was an English historical novelist, poet and essayist. FAR,  PDF
92  Hill. Agnes Hill research notes on Coolville history. Documents (obituaries, genealogical records, letters, notebooks) related to Coolville history which were collected by the author during her work on the book History of Coolville, Ohio: 1818-1968. FARPDF
366 Holland. J. G. Holland letter to Miss Kirkendall. Letter of American novelist and poet Josiah Gilbert Holland letter to Miss Kirkendall, an 1883 graduate of Ohio University, is handwritten and has accompanying envelope. FARPDF
248 Hoskins. Louis Harley Hoskins typescripts for “Recollections of Louis Philip de Steiguer, 1835-1913.” Typescripts for “Recollections of Louis Philip de Steiguer, 1835-1913”; de Steiguer was a stockbroker in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, and the Citizens National Bank, and an original founder of the bank. Hoskins was the grandson od de Steiguer. FARPDF
367 Howells. William Dean Howells letter to friends. Holograph letter advising unnamed friends on the best places to visit in Europe. FARPDF
369 Irving. Washington Irving note. Handwritten note unsigned, to Lord and Lady Dover(?) asking excuse from dinner due to illness. FAR,  PDF
298 Johnson. Mike Johnson papers. Manuscripts, outlines, and character notes for the making of his first novel Warrior Priest; and a hand-out for a 2007 workshop on writing. FARPDF
370 Keller. Helen Keller letter to Margaret Higgins. Helen Keller typed and signed letter soliciting support for the American Foundation for the Blind. FARPDF
373  Laut. Agnes C. Laut letter to her publisher. Agnes Laut was a Canadian-born author and journalist who contributed to Canadian, American, and English magazines and periodicals, primarily writing about the outdoors. FARPDF
169 Linn. Vincent Bliss Linn papers. Short stories, biographical sketches of family members, essays, and typescripts for two novels. FARPDF
36  LeMaster. J. R. LeMaster collection. Large collection that spans from 1960 to 1993 and documents LeMaster’s literary and teaching careers, including much information about Jesse Stuart. FARPDF
3 Leon. Derrick Leon typescript. The first draft of his work Ruskin: The Great Victorian; the typescript is 595 pages long and is composed of six books. FAR, PDF
134 Mangles. James Henry Mangles diary. Diary of James Henry Mangles recording conversations between himself and the poet Lord Tennyson. FAR, PDF
261 Miller. Henry Miller papers. Correspondence and pamphlets spanning 1939 to 1966 by controversial American writer Henry Miller. FARPDF
375 Mitford. Mary Russell Mitford letter to Mrs. Clive. This handwritten signed note to Mrs. Clive lacks a greeting and possibly is a partial note. Mary Russell Mitford (1787-1855) was an English novelist and dramatist. FARPDF
376 Montgomery. James Montgomery autograph. A cut-out signature, found in his book, The Pelican Island. FARPDF
377 More. Hannah More letter to R.L.G. Walker. Holograph letter from English religious writer, poet and playwright Hannah More to R. L. G. Walker declining an invitation and stating her reason. FARPDF
379  Murdoch. Iris Murdoch typescript. Typed and signed excerpt from the novel The Italian Girl. FARPDF
380  Nin. Anaïs Nin correspondence with Marcia Nardi. Two postcards, from 1955 and 1956, that have been encapsulated together. FARPDF
221 Powys. T. F. Powys “Two Stories.” Contains documents on his book Two Stories: Come and Dine and Tadnol and a bibliography on Powys by editor Peter Riley for the years 1966-67. FARPDF
272 Purdy. James Purdy papers. Papers spanning 1956 to 1973 and documenting part of James Purdy’s literary career. FARPDF
386 Quiller-Couch. Fiat Justitia, Ruat Solum. Holograph, with corrections, of short story by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch entitled “Fiat Justitia, Ruat Solum.” FARPDF
387 Quinn. Seabury Quinn, Roads. Envelope, containing a typed and corrected manuscript of Roads, by Seabury Quinn. FARPDF
20 Ryan. Cornelius Ryan Collection of World War II Papers. Large collection of material relating to World War II, in the form of research papers and files used in the writing of A Bridge Too Far, The Last Battle, and The Longest Day[The Web link on the right leads to comprehensive inventory lists for this collection.] FARPDF,  Web
52 Schmidt. James Norman Schmidt papers. The James Norman (born James Norman Schmidt) papers span from 1934 to 1983 and document Norman’s life as an author. FARPDF
131 Shotwell. Walter Gaston Shotwell typescript of Washington Irving biography. Copy of an unpublished biography of Irving by an Ohio-born lawyer and judge. This work was pending publication when the author was killed in a car accident in 1938. FARPDF
98  Shulman. Irving Shulman papers. Large collection of correspondence, manuscripts, reviews, personal materials, newspapers, posters, ads, etc. by American author and screenwriter Irving Shulman. FARPDF
398  Southey. Caroline Bowles Southey letter. Letter to unidentified “Madam” thanking her for setting one of Caroline Anne Bowles Southey’s poems ‘The Mariners Hymn’ to music and sending it to her. Written prior to marriage. FARPDF
119 Trimble. Vance H. Trimble papers on E. W. Scripps biography. Materials related to Trimble’s biography of E. W. Scripps, The Astonishing Mr. Scripps. In two series: (1) original material generated in the preparation of the scripps biography, and (2) working files and collected material. FARPDF
212 Walker. Dale Walker collection. Correspondence, research, photographs, maps, and manuscript materials relating to Dale L. Walker’s biography of Januarius MacGahan. FARPDF
391 Wells. H. G. Wells manuscript collection. Holograph letter from H. G. Wells to Mr. Pharall Smith, and draft review by Wells of The Great Society by Graham Wallas. FARPDF
394  Wolfe. Humbert Wolfe letter. Holograph letter from Humbert Wolfe to an unidentified “Dear Sir” discussing in what publications his poems have appeared and will soon appear. FARPDF