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Sub series:
Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis Papers
10. Supplement: Modern Dance materials from other donors (PDFs)
10.1 Helen Priest Rogers
10.2 Sheppard Black
10.3 Gladys Bailin
10.4 Shirley Wimmer
10.5 Ruth Grauert
10.6 Tim Glenn
Mss 181

Image of dancersSummary: Materials in this series relate to the Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis Dance Collection. They are not part of the collection materials deposited by Murray Louis. These materials were donated by other people who collected information about dance companies, American Modern Dance, dance education, and performances (including those of Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis. The series consists of materials from:

  • Ruth Grauert, the Alwin Nikolais Dance Theatre company manager
  • Shirley Wimmer and Gladys Bailin, former Directors of the School of Dance at Ohio University
  • Helen Priest Rogers, a dance educator from Ohio State University
  • Sheppard Black, former Special Collections Librarian at Ohio University Libraries
  • Tim Glenn, a former dancer with the companies.

Deposits were received in 1999 through 2009.