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Sub series:

Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis Papers

7. Press and Promotion Series

7.5a Magazine Press (PDF)

  • A. Alwin Nikolais: 1940 – 2010
  • B. Murray Louis: 1953 – 2010
  • C. Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis: 1969 – 2008
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Magazine pressSummary: Magazine Press is part of the Press and Promotion series. The sub series consists of articles from magazines, serials, periodicals, and books. Some articles were written by Alwin Nikolais or Murray Louis. The contents of most articles are about the careers and choreographic works of Alwin Nikolais or Murray Louis. Magazine Press is arranged by artist and chronologically. Articles date from 1940 through 2010. Deposits were received in 2000 through 2011.