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Sub series:

Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis Papers

1. Administrative Series

1.3 Foundation Correspondence (PDF)

  1. Alwin Nikolais 1939-1999
  2. Murray Louis 1960-2000
  3. Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis 1960-2006
Mss 181

Summary: Foundation Correspondence is an administrative series that includes incoming and outgoing letters between staff and business associates, students, and friends. Letters include correspondence regarding performances, teaching engagements, television appearances, and publications. The Foundation had several names during this time period including the Chimera Foundation for Dance, ProArts International, and the Nikolais/Louis Foundation for Dance. Documents are arranged chronologically and by artist. The time period ranges from 1939 -2008. Format includes handwritten, typed, or copied documents. Materials were received from 2001 through 2011.