Mahn Center Policies and Procedures – OHIO University Libraries


The Reading Room at the Mahn Center
The Reading Room at the Mahn Center

Researchers will be asked to complete and sign a User Registration Form, and present a valid Ohio University ID or valid photo ID in order to use the Mahn Center.

  • The following items may be brought into the reading room: notebooks, pencils, computers (out of their cases), and digital cameras.  Digital photos taken in the Reading Room may be used for the purposes of personal research only.  Cell phones may only be brought into the Reading Room if and when they are going to be used to take digital photos.  Please do not conduct phone conversations in the reading room.
    • All other materials, including outerwear, must be left in the lockers provided.
  • Food, beverages, backpacks, bags, and cell phones that will not be used to take digital photos are not permitted in the Mahn Center Reading Room.
  • Mahn Center materials are special, sensitive, and often fragile.  Please do not lean on, fold, bend, underline, trace, apply sticky notes to, or otherwise damage them.  When so instructed, wear gloves provided by staff for handling materials.
  • Researchers may use any files or books housed in the Reading Room without requesting them from staff. When finished, please do not re-shelve or refile Reading Room materials.
  • To request items that are not housed in the Reading Room please complete and sign a call slip and present it to desk staff.
  • No materials will be retrieved within 15 minutes of closing time.
    • Materials housed in the department’s remote storage area will likely be available within 24 hours of request on Mondays through Thursdays.  Requests placed on Friday will likely be available Monday after 10 a.m.  Patrons may request notification by email.
  • When materials are used in the Reading Room:
    • Use only one folder from a box or one packet at a time
    • Use an “Out Card” (provided) to mark the place of the folder in the box
    • Do not remove items from folders or separate items from loose packets
    • Do not rearrange items in folders

Scanning services are available for a fee; please complete a Scan Request Form.

Only staff members may scan materials.  The Mahn Center reserves the right to limit or not to scan materials if damage to materials may result or rights issues exist.  Researchers bear the responsibility of obtaining all use and copyright permissions for all materials as applicable.  Researchers requesting scans for publication or presentation will be required to complete a Use Agreement Form. Digital photos taken in the Reading Room may be used for the purposes of personal research only.

Please note that the Libraries will not scan images or pages from the Athena yearbooks, which are fully and freely available online.

Researchers’ possessions may be subject to inspection when entering or leaving the Reading Room.

Violation of departmental and library rules may result in denial of access to the library and, in the case of willful violations resulting in loss or damage to library materials, such violations may result in criminal prosecution.

Last updated August 2017