Solicitation, Postings, and Distribution of Materials – OHIO University Libraries

The University Libraries prohibit solicitations within the Alden Library or outside its entrances (i.e. on the porches or steps of the library building), within the Music and Dance Library or at the Library Annex. The Libraries permit the posting of signs and the distribution of materials with the approval of the Assistant Dean for Research and Education Services, according to the guidelines below.

The purpose of this policy is to encourage a quiet and uncluttered environment for the pursuit of research and study and to utilize the Libraries’ limited display/distribution facilities for the dissemination of information pertinent to library- and university-related matters.

  • Unauthorized solicitations will be terminated.
  • Unauthorized postings will be removed.
  • Unauthorized distribution of materials will be terminated and/or removed.

Definitions Within this Policy

Solicitation – efforts by an individual or representatives of an organization to:

  • ask for, seek, or entreat library users to make monetary contributions;
  • approach library users to enroll them as members, to sign petitions, or answer questionnaires;
  • offer for sale any item, product, or service.

Posting of signs, posters, and announcements – the use of bulletin boards, signboards, or other surfaces (such as walls, doors, bookshelves, or tables) within or part of the Library building for the display of printed promotional or informational messages.

Distribution of materials and/or publications – multiple copies of publications, flyers, or other promotional or informational items left in quantity with the intent of distribution to library users.

Posting of Signs, Posters, and Announcements

Limited bulletin board space is available in Alden Library on the 2nd and 4th floors for the posting of signs, posters, and announcements. Only items issued by University departments or offices or by student organizations registered with the University’s Office of Student Activities will be permitted on the designated bulletin boards. Such items must be dated for removal and approved by library staff at the public service desks on the 2nd or 4th floors.

Distribution of Materials and Publications

The Libraries provide limited space for the distribution of multiple copies of publications, flyers, etc. Only materials issued by or offered under the auspices of University departments or offices and marked with a removal date may be distributed. Such items must be approved by either of the Assistant Deans, Janet Hulm or Kelly Broughton.

Additional Information

Café Bibiotech, located in the Learning Commons on the 2nd floor may have public posting guidelines and procedures of their own. Contact café management for more information.

The Post, the Athens Messenger and the Athens News are permitted to distribute copies of free newspapers at designated locations near entrances, subject to the approval of either of the Assistant Deans, Janet Hulm or Kelly Broughton.

Postings and distributions of materials issued by the University Libraries or the Friends of the Libraries are exempt from this policy.