Computer Software – OHIO University Libraries

Over the past several years, there has been a significant reduction in the level of IT support available to the Libraries, with a simultaneous increase in the amount of equipment and software requiring support. As a result, the Libraries are not able to accommodate all requests for software installation on the public computers. In general, the Libraries will only install software on its public computers if there is evidence of significant campus-wide demand by students who don’t already have access via resources such as departmental labs.

When requesting software installation, please keep in mind the following:

  • Requests should be made one month ahead of the date when you wish the software to be available.
  • Software must be licensed for a lab environment. Software cannot be installed using a trial license or individuals’ personal licenses.
  • In general, software offerings are kept uniform across Libraries public computers; Libraries are not able to install software on a subset of computers and “reserve” those computers for use by members of a specific class. Computers dedicated to specific purposes (for example, those in the Multimedia Lab and in the Music and Dance Library) may have unique software installed as appropriate to those purposes.
  • Since the Libraries’ public computers use a generic user profile, software that can function only by storing user-specific data persistently on the local machine cannot be supported.
  • Temporary installations (e.g. for teaching a single session) are not supported.

For instructors seeking to accommodate a small minority of students who do not have access to their own computer, one laptop is available for borrowing that permits temporary installation of user-owned software. See Laptops for more information.