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#MovableMondays: Welcome to the Neighborwood

“ ‘Welcome to the Neighborwood’ is a pop-up from 2015 and is a great example of an artist book that has been transformed into a mass-market mainstream pop-up that anyone can purchase and enjoy,” said Miriam Intrator, special collections librarian.

Award-winning artist and bookmaker Shawn Sheehy once again offers readers an impressive children’s book that takes an inside look into the engineered homes of several creatures.

“Using dramatically unfolding pop-ups to introduce seven woodland animals with special construction skills of their own… [This book is] a visually striking and enriching overview of animals living independently and as part of an ecosystem” wrote a Publishers Weekly reviewer.

Originally crafted with handmade paper, as is true of Sheehy’s publication “The Pop-up Field Guide to North American Wildflowers” that was featured earlier in the series, a pop-up was later created into this mass market version available anywhere.

“You could go into a bookstore and probably find [the book] yourself. The pop-ups illustrate the nests and homes constructed by insects and other creatures that you might find in your garden, [such as] the honey bee hive,” said Intrator. “He has found a way through paper engineering to bring those incredible constructions to life.”

This earthy investigation of creatures’ homes concludes in an awe-inspiring final spread showing all of them together.

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