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#MovableMondays: Robinson Crusoe [Video]

In the original “Robison Crusoe” (1719) story written by Daniel Defoe, many people assume Defoe based his story on the real-life experiences of Alexander Selkirk, a Scottish sailor, who after an argument with the captain of the ship, is put ashore on an uninhabited island—at his own request—before being rescued five years later.

In the Libraries’ highlighted version of “Robinson Crusoe” (1980s), this story is told through an early 19th century movable book format called a “hinge-book.”

According to Miriam Intrator, special collections librarian, “[this] late 19th century hinge-book, is one of the simplest of mechanical structures, and the earliest examples of mechanical books aimed at children.”

This 22-page pop-up book with color illustrations from Merrimack Publishing, depicts the story when each page, which is a full image in itself, begins to change as each corner lifts to reveal an entirely new scene once all four corners are “up.”

“This reproduction represents exactly what 19th century hinge books looked like, and recreates the experience of reading and moving them, as people would have done at the time,” said Intrator.

Beautifully engineered, the book is a celebration of the simplest structure of movable books geared specifically for children.

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