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Libraries’ Student Expo Awards (Photo essay)


Supported by the Libraries’ Vernon R. and Marion Alden Endowment, the annual Student Research and Creative Activity Expo has no shortage of projects as hundreds of undergraduate, graduate and medical students gather to present original work and compete for cash prizes.

Designed with innovation in mind, the student-centered event showcases how learning gained in the classroom is applied to real-life scenarios. With over 2,000 visitors yearly, the Expo hosts teams of judges reviewing an impressive array of student projects including topics ranging from connecting popular culture to fashion; to how athletes deal with the pressure to perform; to establishing support programs for families with autistic children, among many more too numerous to list.

Below are some of the Libraries’ 2019 first-place awardees and their work highlighted in photos. Be sure to view the Libraries’ 2018 Student Expo and the 2017 Student Expo.

All photos by Ben Siegel

Meghan Little receives the Libraries’ first place graduate student award for her work titled, “Conservation and Compliance: A Case Study in Kosovo’s Bjeshket e Nemuna National Park” from Janet Hulm, interim dean of University Libraries at the Student Expo.
Elizabeth Bennett is awarded the Libraries’ first place undergraduate award from Janet Hulm, interim dean of University Libraries for her work titled, “Tolerating the Dissenters: A comparison of the Toleration Acts enacted in the 17th and 18th Century Great Britain and Ireland” at the Student Expo.
Xinyue Ren receives the Libraries’ library connection award for her work titled, “What social media can do when designing a hybrid training for student workers in a university library” at the Student Expo April 11,2019.