2018 Alden Open [Video/Photo Essay] – OHIO University Libraries

2018 Alden Open [Video/Photo Essay]

On Nov. 3 an 18-hole miniature golf course was featured on the third, fourth and fifth floors of Alden Library for Dads Weekend. The Library was filled with faculty, staff, students and their families who participated in a friendly round of golf. Participants had the option of playing nine holes for $5 or 18 holes for $10. During the event library staff also interacted with families to spread information about the Libraries’ services and resources.

For Maddie Binder, a junior studying applied nutrition, and her father Jay Binder, Alden Open has become a tradition during Dads Weekend. According to Maddie, they love the event and have participated every year since she was a freshman. Jay added that it’s neat being able to see how the Library has changed when you come back year after year.

Deborah Daniels, business unit manager and analyst, also commented on the significance of the event stating, “We have people that come back year after year as long they’re going to school here. They have so much fun that this is one of the first things that they do on Dads Weekend… It’s just a nice thing to do with your dad, or your mom, or your sisters, or your brothers or your friends. We have groups of students that come in together with no family members. It’s just a lot of fun.”

Photos from the event are below. Read to learn more about the students and families who attended the 2018 Alden Open. To view more photos visit the Libraries’ Flickr Page.


Jeff Ferrier, a curator for international collections at Alden Library, played the course with his daughter Sonya Ferrier, a junior studying environmental geography. They said they competed last year and really enjoyed the event. “When you work here every day it’s kind of neat to see, you know, just people kind of cruising around in all the holes. It’s a little of out of sync for the normal course of things, so it’s great,” Jeff explained.


Andrew Duluard, a junior in the Honors Tutorial College studying astrophysics, and his father Dan Duluard, begin the eighth hole of the course. While preparing to tee off, Andrew discusses some of the ways in which he uses the Libraries. “I usually use it [the Library] as a quiet place to study or to meet up with people especially in the upper-class years where a lot of the people are living off campus. It’s just an easy place to say to meet and study and all that,” Andrew said. “It’s a really good Library for a University.”


“We’re a very competitive family, so we like seeing who’s going to win and who likes to cheat and stuff like that,” said Mark Nelson as he taunts his daughter Kelsey Nelson, a sophomore studying marketing, hospitality and sales. When asked who was going to win their 18-hole game, Kelsey replied sarcastically, “I am. Alright, maybe not by numbers, but I am the OHIO student, so I deserve to win.”


Ashley Agle, a junior studying child and family studies, is pictured with her father Larry Agle at the ninth hole. While discussing her appreciation for Alden Open, Ashley recounts one of her favorite memories of the Libraries during her time at Ohio University. “My friend actually had me do an Easter egg hunt in the Library because my friends didn’t want to do it with me, so they made one for me around the Library and it was awesome,” she said.


Brothers Chuck Gidden, a freshman studying molecular biology, Sonny Gidden, a sophomore studying information telecommunication systems (not pictured), and their father Lee Gidden discuss the significance of Alden open while Lee prepares to putt the golf ball into the seventh hole. According to Sonny, “It [Alden Open] gets students in here to begin with. I know some seniors that have never been in the Library, and along with that, it is also nice for the students to be able to show their dads where they spend a lot of their time.”


Elyssa Dirrado, a senior studying music therapy, is pictured at the first hole with her father Vincent Dirrado, who traveled all the way from Chicago. Before they began the course, Elyssa described some of her favorite memories of the Libraries over the years. “As a music student, I spend more time in the Music and Dance Library, but I do make my way into the [Alden] Library all the time and try to study here as much as I can,” she stated. “The Music and Dance Library is a place where I’ve been able to connect with other music students a ton. That’s where I do so much of my work… So, a lot of the connections I’ve made with the University have happened there.”

Photos by Stephen Zenner/Ohio University Libraries.