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Ohio Fellows Return to Campus [photo essay]

President Duane Nellis and First Lady Ruthie Nellis (far left) pose for a photo with the attendees of the Ohio University Fellows Reunion outside Alden Library, Sat., June 2, 2018.

“The genius of the [Ohio Fellows] Program … consisted of both a recognition of what traditional education is lacking, and the creation of a methodology for filling that void. The result was a radically new contribution…to fostering leadership in talented students.”

“History of the Ohio Fellows”

Inspired to think critically about the world around them, the students coming out of the Ohio Fellows Program (OFP) leaned toward unconventional thinking.  For many of those early Fellows, graduation from Ohio University meant creating new paths to fulfilling lives and successful careers.

Initiated in 1964 under the leadership of Ohio University President Emeritus Vernon Alden, the key behind the program was the opportunities offered to the Ohio Fellows, such as meeting privately with well-known people from various professions who were brought to campus for public engagements.

(Left to right) Charles Shera, Clement Pearce and Zak Blumer talk during the reception of the Ohio Fellows Reunion on Sat., June 2, 2018.

On June 1-3, 2018, the Libraries and University College welcomed back those original students (1964 to the 1970s) by hosting an Ohio Fellows Reunion. Many of those returning to the Athens campus were able to reconnect with other former Fellows during the reunion, as well as become acquainted with some of the Program’s graduating and current students during the long weekend.

The primary goal of the reunion was to record the personal stories of the earliest Fellows, whose contributions to society are substantial—and to add guidance in a purposeful way to the new OFP, which was re-initiated in recent years.

“There are students at Ohio University today who are going to become important contributors to our culture. We need to find them and help them spread their wings. We need to encourage them to think outside the box and to become leaders in their fields,” said Terry Moore, former Fellow who was quoted in this 2012 story, “Ohio welcomes back 60s-era program for students born to lead.”

Ralph Haberfeld (center), former Fellow and one of the supporters of the reunion, listens during the walking tour of the Athens Campus, Sat., June 2, 2018.
Speaker Nancy Stevens (center), professor of Functional Morphology and Vertebrate Paleontology, in Biomedical Sciences, chats with former Fellows Caroline Kane and Terry Moore, one of the supporters of the reunion, during the dinner and reception, Sat., June 2, 2018.











View more photos from the reunion in the Libraries Flickr page.

All photographs by Delia Palmisano/Ohio University Libraries