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Learning from Disney’s Customer Service


Graphic design by Chance Brinkman-Sull/Ohio University Libraries

After attending a professional development conference, Sara Harrington, head of arts and archives for University Libraries, made an interesting connection: Disney and the Libraries have something in common.

Both, she said, have a desire to provide excellent customer service. The connections to customer service, she added, are not limited to only libraries.

Harrington will expand upon that connection in her Impact Through Action presentation, “What can Libraries Learn from Disney’s Customer Service,” scheduled April 11 at 12:05 in room 319 of Alden Library. The presentation is the final segment of the three-part series sponsored by the Libraries.

“Libraries may tend to think about customer service as what happens at the service desk, and, of course, that is included, but it is certainly not limited to that,” Harrington said. “If staff members work in a library and impact the customer experience, that is a part of customer service.”

A friend recommended Harrington attend the conference, which highlighted Disney, a company widely recognized for its excellence in the customer service industry.

“[My presentation] is a broad look at supporting customer service and then thinking about how an academic library’s mission, vision, values and activities can stand in support of the customer experience,” she added.

After the PowerPoint presentation, Harrington will answer audience questions. Although she said she will focus on how libraries approach customer service, her ideas can be applied to other businesses.

“I am going to invite people to think about it even if they don’t work in customer service. They can also think about their work in another frame. It is intended to be broadly applicable.”

Audience members can also discuss how they understand their relationship with Ohio University Libraries.

“One of the exciting opportunities, because academic libraries are changing so much, is for academic library staff, and the people with whom they work, to talk to each other about the experience of using the library,” Harrington said.