Student’s Perspective on Vernon Alden’s Successes [Video] – OHIO University Libraries

Student’s Perspective on Vernon Alden’s Successes [Video]

On May 11, 1962, Vernon R. Alden was inaugurated as the 15th president of Ohio University. The 38-year-old newly appointed president soon went on to create progressive changes that are still felt today for the University and Southeast Ohio.

His successes are exactly what attracted eight students from MDIA 4904, ranging from sophomores to seniors, to pursue Dr. Alden’s story as a classroom video project. Their unique perspective encapsulated Alden’s special relationship with University Libraries and his profound achievements for the University.

His administration’s accomplishments include an expansion of the campus, such as the construction of the Vernon Alden Library, the Convocation Center, the South Green and a regional airport. He was influential with the rerouting of the Hocking River, which often flooded the OHIO campus and its surrounding area, and the construction of the Appalachian Highway.

This year, Ohio University Libraries is remembering and celebrating Alden’s presidency with a new perspective to the Vernon R. Alden display, which was conceived when the University rolled out the first phase of the Library renovation and moved the Academic Achievement Center (AAC) to the second floor in the Library’s Learning Commons.

“We thought it was a way to share his [Dr. Alden’s] accomplishments as president and as a namesake of the Library with individuals who visit today,” said Sara Harrington, head of Arts and Archives and curator of the display.

Be sure to view one aspect of the Libraries celebration in the attached student video.