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Library Mini-Golf Sets Record Number of Golfers

“It’s interesting; I’ve never played golf in a library before,” said Mike, because even though he comes from Marietta, Ohio, each year to visit Sarah, a junior economics major, this was the first time the pair checked out the Dads Weekend course in Alden Library.

For junior Sarah Dennis, there was a lot riding on the outcome of a game of mini-golf she had just begun with her father, Mike. As the pair approached the fourth hole of the 18-hole golf course in Alden Library on Nov. 4, Mike informed his daughter that whoever lost the game had to buy dinner that night.

For now, the score was tied.

“We are going to play 18 holes, so we’ll probably decide about the 18th hole,” Mike joked.

Along with the Dennis family, more than 500 golfers took part in the Libraries’ annual Dads Weekend golf course. Each year, the course winds through multiple floors of the Library.

All profits—this year totaling more than $3,000—from entrance fees and sponsors will go toward the spring Student Research and Creative Activity Expo. Annually, the Libraries presents awards for outstanding work to undergraduate and graduate presenters.

While the event has drawn hundreds of visitors each year, the 500-plus golfers this year set a new record, said Barbara Fiocchi, coordinator of Libraries’ events and community outreach and engagement. All golfers had the opportunity to win prizes along the way, including at a bonus 19th hole and frequent raffle drawings.

Check out the photo essay below for reactions from some of the golfers and the Libraries’ Flickr page for more photos.


The 2017 Alden Open served as both father/son and roommate bonding time for Nik Vizmeg (left) and Daniel Mattson (right), both freshmen, and their fathers (not pictured). The two undecided majors played a competitive game, but they made time for some laughs, too. “I think this event is super; just spending some time with our dads,” said Mattson.

Halle Harris (left), a freshman mechanical engineering major, looks on as her father, Jay Harris (right), putts the ball into the hole on the ninth green. Halle said the game served as her first golfing experience in a library, and she was happy to spend it with her father, who traveled from Circleville, Ohio, to visit her. “We wanted to do some of the activities and some one-on-one time,” Jay said.


“No, this is not just playing around; this is an intense competition,” said junior Justine Wright, a communications sciences and disorders major, as she looked at her father, Brian Wright (not pictured), and laughed. After the 12th hole, Justine held a close lead, giving her a boost of confidence. The Wrights, from Medina, Ohio, said they consider themselves Dads Weekend veterans, as Brian has visited every year for Justine and also when his son—Justine’s brother—attended OHIO.


While they said this game is just for fun, the Braman family has mastered the technique of playing golf in Alden Library. Ken (right), a 1989 graduate of the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine at OHIO, has played golf with Kelsey (left), a junior early childhood development major, each year of the three years she has been in school. “I like [Dads Weekend] because I get so homesick and it is nice for [my family] to come to me,” Kelsey said. “I spent yesterday doing homework, so this is my day off… tomorrow I will go back to doing more homework.”


Although the course has been picked up and put away for now, Fiocchi said plans are already underway for Dads Weekend 2018. “We had an amazing turnout for the Alden Open 2017,” said Fiocchi. “This record-breaking number brought up the possibility of adding another nine holes to next year’s course.”

All photos courtesy of Lexi Browning/Ohio University Libraries