Instructors are Invited to Streamline your Syllabus – OHIO University Libraries

Instructors are Invited to Streamline your Syllabus

Ginko LeafOHIO University Libraries have launched a new effort to maximize student access to assigned course materials.  Syllabus Streamline: A Course Materials Access and Affordability Initiative is an easy way to ensure students have convenient and reliable access to course readings, texts, and even media at the lowest possible cost while maintaining copyright compliance.

Instructors are encouraged to send their syllabi or course readings lists to their subject librarian or regional campus librarian, who will work with library staff to locate library versions such as ejournal articles, media, ebooks, and print books, and make them easily available to your students at no cost.  We can put tangible items on reserve, provide scans of book chapters, and provide you with reliable permalinks to electronic content for use in your course syllabus or shell.  Read more about the initiative and talk to your librarian!