Librarians Host Faculty for First Draft Event [Photo Essay] – OHIO University Libraries

Librarians Host Faculty for First Draft Event [Photo Essay]

Ohio University Libraries welcomed faculty Thursday, Sept. 28 to Alden Library’s third floor Faculty Commons for collaborative discussion, project planning and end-of-the-week socializing.

During the poster-style open presentation, librarians networked with faculty who regularly work with subject librarians, as well as those hoping to integrate more of the Libraries’ resources into their curriculum.

“We came up with the idea for this [event] mostly because we find that faculty are surprised about the work that librarians and archivists do,” said Kelly Broughton, assistant dean for research and education services. “I think that our world and our relationship with research and the curriculum has really changed over the past decade or more, and we thought this might be a good way to expose faculty to the great variety of the work that we do in a way that would not only be fun, but also allow them to interact and learn from each other.”

The event, sponsored by Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery, West End Cider House and Athens Uncorked, allowed faculty, like Matt Rosen, whose undergraduate classes work with librarians and archivists, an opportunity to learn about new programs the Libraries will have this year.

“…I teach a class in field research in ethnographic methods, and one of the methods I introduce [is] object-centered research, where [we are] actually using physical objects to elicit information through an interview kind of situation,” said Rosen, an assistant professor of anthropology. “One of the things we did was make an appointment to come into the special collections. The librarians there, Miriam Intrator and others, brought out a selection of what they considered to be the most interesting objects in the collection. The assignment I had for the students was to use those objects to draw out the expertise of the librarians…[The students] had a lot of fun, I had a lot of fun and the librarians said they had a lot of fun…it was a very fruitful collaboration.”

Read more faculty reactions in the captions to the photo gallery below.

“[Librarians] are the experts,” said Nerissa Young, (right) a lecturer in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, who often has her classes visit with subject librarians. “They know where to find things quickly and they develop user guides for us to make it easier for us and students to take advantage of it. I could lose hours and hours looking on my own and putting together something that is piecemeal. They can look comprehensively and get back to us with something. [Librarians] are very important partners in the research and instructional processes.” Here, Young discusses projects with Sherri Saines, (left) subject librarian for the social sciences. “…Since librarians know a lot about how students understand and use information, as well as how information discovery and delivery is changing, we can work with faculty to incorporate that into the structure of assignments for better student success,” said Saines.


“Chad Boeninger, [head of reference and business librarian] is as much a co-teacher with us as anything else,” said Gary Coombs, (center) chair of the department of management. “He works with all of our students…often he will put up an entire page of resources that are specifically tailored to the project that the students are working on. He’s phenomenal….” Pictured with Coombs are (left to right) Lisa Williams, lecturer in human and consumer sciences; Jeff Ferrier, curator for international collections; and Paul Campbell, subject librarian for the social sciences.


“While I have my own techniques for articles and researching things, it’s always good to have an expert there who knows the tricks of the trade,” said Ashwini Ganeshan, (right) an assistant professor of modern languages. In the photo, Ganeshan talks with Assan Sarr (left) about faculty development sessions the librarians offer.


“Absolutely,” said Judith Yaross Lee, (right) professor of speech communication, when asked if she had her students work with librarians. “In fact I require it.” Lee talked with Jessica Hagman, left, subject librarian for communications, about an annual project she assigns in one of her classes. Each year, Hagman helps the students at various steps of the research project.


Jeff Carr (center left) exhibitions and collections manager of the Kennedy Museum of Art, speaks with Bill Kimok (far left), university archivist and records manager, during the First Draft event in Alden Library on Sept. 28.


Lisa Mackinder, (left) head of acquistions and collections services, talks to lorraine wochna, (center) subject librarian for the performing arts, and Joe Gingerich, assistant professor of sociology and anthropology, during First Draft in Alden Library on Thursday, Sept. 28, 2017.


All photos by Lexi Browning/Ohio University Libraries