Annual Libraries Mini-golf Planned for Dads Weekend – OHIO University Libraries

Annual Libraries Mini-golf Planned for Dads Weekend

Many students heading to Alden Library on Nov. 4 won’t be in search of research articles and quiet study spaces. Instead, they’ll take their dads and look for mini-golf clubs in order to participate in the annual Alden Open.

During Dads Weekend, the University Libraries hosts nine-hole and 18-hole games of mini golf, spanning three floors of Alden Library and including one hole built on the stairway.

Kayla Kapen attended last year’s Alden Open for the second time with her father Udi Kapen, who traveled from the Detroit area. Photo by John Michael Simpson/Ohio University Libraries

“I remember beating her [last year],” said Udi Kapen (pictured) who visited his daughter, Kayla, during Dads Weekend 2016. “I’ve come to two years’ worth of Dads Weekends and they’re always chock full of activities and very much fun.”

While each year features new designs for the course, the 2017 event, scheduled for 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., will be the first time outside student designers—who will create two of the holes— have become a part of the tradition, said Barbara Fiocchi, coordinator of Libraries events and community outreach and engagement.  Freshmen engineering students from two learning communities will each submit a hole for the event.

Golfers, who can pay $5 to play nine holes and $10 to play 18, will also have the opportunity to vote on which living community design they like best, Fiocchi added. Each year, more than 200 golfers, both families and community members, work their way through the course on multiple floors. To play, students or families can register here or purchase tickets at the door.

Although the games are only played for bragging rights, traversing through the Library gives students a creative way to show their families a part of their University life, Fiocchi said.

“They are able to show them the resources that they use, where they sit or the computers they use,” she said. “In the past, we have had alumni student workers in the Library come through, and they are always just delighted to be back in the Library…so that is always fun.”

The event, also open to community members, will include other tabletop games and light refreshments for all Library visitors.

“My take on it has been that it is a really silly, absurd thing, to play golf in the Library, and people love it,” Fiocchi said.

Funds from admissions and University and business sponsors will go toward the annual spring Student Research and Creative Activity Expo. Annually, the Libraries presents awards for outstanding work to undergraduate and graduate presenters. The expo is visited by more than 2,000 people and includes more than 100 judges.