Libraries to Welcome President Nellis Oct. 3 – OHIO University Libraries

Libraries to Welcome President Nellis Oct. 3

Design by Chance Brinkman-Sull/ Ohio University Libraries

Alden Library’s presidential exhibit will feature regalia from traditions of the University’s past, but it will also give an insight into its future—and the vision of OHIO’s new president, Dr. Duane Nellis.

On Oct. 3 at 3 p.m. President Nellis and First Lady Nellis will help launch the exhibit, “OHIO Presidential Inaugurations: Past and Present,” located opposite Alden Library’s fourth floor entrance. Among the artifacts included will be presidential speeches, photos and the graduation robe of Ohio’s 15th president, Dr. Vernon R. Alden, for whom the Library is named, said Sara Harrington, head of arts and archives.

“One of the things that I think is extremely interesting about this particular exhibit is that because the University was founded in 1804, we have a long history, and it is interesting to see some of the artifacts that span that longer period of time—in the way in which traditions are continued but also in the way particular inaugurations reflected the personalities of the presidents themselves,” she said.

Harrington added that at such a busy and important time for the Libraries—two other exhibits will open on the fourth floor the same week—the staff looks forward to hosting the president and his wife.

“I think we just want to communicate that, for the Libraries, in addition to displaying the historical artifacts of the presidents, we are excited to welcome Dr. Nellis and First Lady Nellis to the Presidency and to Ohio University,” she said. “We are honored to have President and First Lady Nellis visiting the Libraries.”

President Nellis will officially be inaugurated as the University’s 21st president in a ceremony on Wednesday, Oct. 18. Nellis, who came to OHIO in February, said in a June 2017 Post article he looked forward to becoming an official Bobcat.

“I take great delight in hearing about the successes at all corners of our University community: the fantastic research, the commitment to public service, and the incredible things that we do to change the world,” Nellis stated in the article. “You all give me so many reasons to be proud to be your next president.”