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Libraries’ Meditation Room Welcomes All 

Alden Library offers meditation spaces for students, staff and facutly on the fifth floor. (Photo by Lexi Browning/Ohio University Libraries)

In the midst of long lines at the bookstores, tearful goodbyes to freshmen parents and constantly crowded crosswalks, one room remained ever quiet and peaceful: the meditation room on the fifth floor of Alden Library.

“[The room] was designed…to provide a space at the center of the Athens Campus for individuals to gather for meditation, reflection…and spiritual needs as well as the diversity of the OHIO community,” said Angela Woodward in a February Compass article.

The room contains few furnishings, serving as a place of meditation and reflection, she added.

Organizers collaborated with the Office of Architecture, Design and Construction to transform a conference room into the 441-square-foot meditation room with one overarching goal – inclusivity, added Woodward. Guidelines for use of the room, which will be open during normal library hours, can be found on the library’s website.

Last week, The Post reported Hashim Pashtun, a graduate student instrumental in the creation of the room, continues to welcome feedback on ways to improve the experience.

“What I was aiming for was a safe place for all — to come, get together, unite and meditate,” said Pashtun in the article.