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Libraries Kicks off Research Series

On Wednesday, Sept. 6, the Libraries will kick off the 2017 Foundations of Research series with “Searching as Strategic Exploration,” one of six workshops offered to undergraduates that focus on issues surrounding research as a basis for lifelong learning.

Taught by Paul Campbell, subject librarian for the social sciences, and Bryan McGeary, subject librarian for the humanities, “Searching as Strategic Exploration,” will spotlight the mechanics of searching the Libraries’ online resources, subject-specific databases, and multiple search engines.

The entire series, however, “is more than just how I find my article,” said McGeary, “but it is about students being able to find and use information in a more holistic, responsible, and critical way.”

Librarians have always held high ideals for students actively seeking information. So each of the topics takes an in-depth look at information literacy and how it affects our everyday lives.

“We as librarians put out some main threshold ideas about what students should be able to accomplish in terms of engaging with information,” said Campbell. “So whether they are writing a research paper, their master’s thesis, or buying a new car, they [students] need to engage with information at a higher and deeper level.”

Although all students at Ohio University are encouraged to participate, the workshops are organized specifically for freshman.

“We had to choose a particular audience, and that seemed like an opportune group of people,” said McGeary. “When you are coming in, you are open to a lot of new things, and it really ends up being the basis for the work that they [students] will be doing during their time at the University and beyond.”

As a bonus to those who like to receive acknowledgement for additional study, participants will receive digital badging, one badge per session, that shows they have acquired these skills.

Campbell elaborated saying, “They can upload those badges to their LinkedIn account, so future employers or future graduate schools can see what they have collected . . . which helps them to become more marketable or more attractive to graduate schools.”

The 2017 Foundations of Research workshop series is free and open to the OHIO community. Attend all six workshops or just pick and choose—an RSVP is encouraged.

Each of the following 55-minute sessions will be offered, during their respective dates, on the following days of the week: Wed. at 3 p.m., Thurs. at 5 p.m., and Fri. at 10 a.m., and occasionally, Mon. at 3:15 p.m.:


Sept. 6-8               “Searching as Strategic Exploration”

Oct. 4-6                “Information has Value”

Oct. 9,11-12            “Research as Inquiry”

Oct. 23, 25-26        “Scholarship as Conversation”

Nov. 1-3                 “Authority is Constructed and Contextual”

Nov. 15-17              “Information Creation as a Process”


For more information, please contact Paul Campbell or Bryan McGeary.