Every week is Preservation Week at Ohio University Libraries – OHIO University Libraries

Every week is Preservation Week at Ohio University Libraries

Miriam Nelson, head of Preservation, works on the Barnett Hook Collection. (Photo by John Michael Simpson/ OHIO  Libraries)

Story authored by Miriam Nelson

Preservation Week, sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) from April 23-29, is a wonderful time to think about the care of personal collections and to learn more about the role that the Libraries’ Preservation Department plays in preserving OHIO’s collections.

In celebration, the Preservation Department is hosting an exhibit, titled “Preservation Week Highlight: The Needlework of Barnett Hook,” held on the fourth floor of Alden Library.  The Barnett Hook Collection is a beautifully tactile example of the range of materials held by Ohio University Libraries, and of the particular challenges we face in preserving these objects. The collection will be explored further in an accompanying digital exhibit on the Mahn Center Highlights page.

Throughout the week, the Libraries’ Tumblr and Facebook pages will show some behind the scenes looks at the work done in the Preservation Department, and some of the textiles held here in Alden.

Highlights from the Libraries’ past Preservation Week activities include:

  • The treatment and rehousing of the “Fifty Original Leaves from Medieval Manuscripts,” gathered by Ohio historian and biblioclast Otto Ege;
  • The full conservation treatment of the 373-year-old velum bound volume, “Johannis Cocceji … Commentarivs in librum I Jobi,” owned by Jacob Lindley, the first president of Ohio University;
  • A modified enclosure for a porcelain bottle from the Frederick and Kazuko Harris Fine Arts Library Collection.

The diverse collections at OHIO provide endless variety and opportunities for creative problem solving to ensure the long-term preservation and responsible stewardship of these unique items.

For more information about the care and handling of your own collections, check out the free resources on the American Library Association’s Preservation Week website including free webinars on textile preservation:

As always, feel free to reach out to the Libraries’ Preservation Department directly with your questions by contacting Miriam Nelson, head of Preservation, 740-593-0715 or nelsonm1@ohio.edu.

Marketing items from the Barnett Hook Collection on exhibit at Alden Library. (Photo by John Michael Simpson/ Ohio University Libraries)