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Alden Library’s Spring and Summer Renovation Projects

Have you been inside Alden Library lately? As part of its five-year renovation plan, Alden will be undergoing construction in specific areas of the second and fourth floors—so at times, it may become noisy.

This renovation project is scheduled from April 5 through August 4, 2017 during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Throughout the renovation process, THE LIBRARY WILL REMAIN OPEN and will maintain its regular hours.

Architect Rendering: Academic Advancement Center.

Phase I of Alden Library’s SECOND FLOOR renovation is in preparation of moving the  Academic Advancement Center (AAC), which offers tutoring services, curriculum guidance, and development of effective study skills—all crucial to helping students succeed in an academic environment—alongside the Learning Commons on the second floor.

According to the office of Design and Construction, the “…project will affect the southeast corner of the second floor including rooms 201, 202, 225-233A, 234-236A and 241…,” which means, the Quiet Study Area in that area is closed.

Phase I of the FOURTH FLOOR renovation is the construction of the main restroom corridor in preparation of the 24 hours a day/ 5 days a week opening of the floor in fall 2017 due to the overcrowding of the second floor Learning Commons, a popular destination for late night studying. These restrooms will accommodate the increased volume of students using the Library throughout the day.

“The Phase 1 project will consist of a complete remodel of the area, including partitions, carpet and other finishes, as well as electric, plumbing, and mechanical upgrades,” said the office of Design and Construction.

Finally, the FIFTH FLOOR is currently being refreshed to complement the addition of the George V. Voinovich Seminar Room, a technology-rich environment used by librarians and archivists for classroom interaction with archival materials. This floor will remain a quiet study area.

Stay tuned as Alden Library evolves from a building designed in 1969 to house printed materials, into a vibrant learning hub to meet the needs of generations of future students in the 21st century.

We will keep you updated as we progress throughout the summer.