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Chad Boeninger, subject librarian for business, speaks with Shayanna Crone, a senior in marketing, on Alden’s fourth floor Thursday morning Mar. 16, 2017. (John Michael Simpson/Ohio University Libraries)

A new service initiative in Alden Library now brings INFORMATION EXPERTS to where students are working. These experts, available for personal assistance whenever a student hits that point of confusion, can be seen traveling throughout the building ON ALL SEVEN FLOORS.

The idea that INFORMATION EXPERTS can come to where a student is working—rather than expecting him or her to pack up gear and hike to the nearest desk—means no one loses their valuable work space, particularly during Alden’s high demand hours during the day. The benefits of these interactions are significant: more service beyond the confines of the physical desk, and an increase in communication and student success.

Librarians have long known that not everyone feels comfortable approaching, in many cases,  a monolithic service desk when they are seeking help—especially first-year students who are unfamiliar with the Libraries’ resources and the building’s layout. In fact, it is common practice to find students, who are seated within easy reach of the desk, choosing instead to converse virtually with the Libraries’ experts.

Alden’s librarians and staff are still offering online reference, but they are also putting on their walking shoes and offering more face-to-face alternatives.

“We’re trying to emphasize that you can get in contact with your librarian no matter where you are,” said Kelly Broughton, assistant dean for research and education services.

Just ASK US when you reach that point of confusion: Chat (, Online Appointments (, Text (740.231.3222), Call (740.593.2699) or stop by the second and fourth floor desks.