Extended Hours for Fall Finals 2016 – OHIO University Libraries

Extended Hours for Fall Finals 2016

finalsbyaldensquarepinkIn the days leading up to Finals Week, Ohio University students find many places to study on-campus and off. For many of you, this will mean staking out your favorite spot in the library and perhaps staying late to get all of your work done. We’re offering extended hours during the weekend before finals and through the Wednesday of Finals Week as detailed below.

In addition to offering extended hours, we’re also hosting a series of stress-busing events including two therapy dog visits Monday and Tuesday of the exam period.

Date 2nd Floor Learning Commons Other Floors of Alden Library Music & Dance Library
Friday, December 2 open until midnight 8am-midnight 8am-6pm
Saturday, December 3 10am-midnight 10am-9pm 1pm-6pm
Sunday, December 4 opens at 10am and returns to 24 hour access 12pm-2am Monday 1pm-midnight
Monday, December 5 open 24 hours 8am-2am Tuesday 8am-midnight
Tuesday, December 6 open 24 hours 8am-2am Wednesday 8am-midnight
Wednesday, December 7 open 24 hours 8am-2am Thursday 8am-midnight
Thursday, December 8 open 24 hours 8am-midnight 8am-midnight
Friday, December 9 closes at 7pm 8am-5pm 8am-5pm