Gender-neutral restroom accommodates needs – OHIO University Libraries

Gender-neutral restroom accommodates needs

There is now a gender-neutral restroom on the fifth floor of Alden Library. The restroom, which was formerly designated for the Libraries’ staff, is now able to accommodate some of the needs of patrons, such as the transgendered community and families.

The gender-neutral restroom was opened due to multiple student requests, and is located right next to the men’s and women’s restrooms on the fifth floor. The restroom has a door that can be locked for privacy and a changing station for families with children.

The new fifth floor restroom provides a safe, private and functional restroom space, which is a vital step in satisfying the needs of Library patrons and the Ohio University community.

Robin Krivesti, stacks and facilities manager, said the fifth floor restroom, which is not ADA compliant, is currently the only single-user restroom in Alden Library.

However, future renovation plans for the second and fourth floor restrooms of Alden include the addition of all-inclusive, single-user restrooms that are gender neutral, ADA compliant and family-friendly.

Ensuring the comfort and convenience of all members of the OHIO community is one of the primary goals of Ohio University Libraries.

Stay tuned to learn more about future developments, upcoming renovations, and how the Libraries will continue to evolve to suit the needs of its patrons.